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Virtually Acoustic

Virtually Acoustic

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Club/Venue Details

  Virtually Acoustic @ The Library

Last Updated: Jan 2015 [Update This Listing]
PAY MonitorsN Open MicY FloorspotsN Disabled AccessN
When: Monday Nights 7pm - 11pm
Where: The Library
  235 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 1RU
Transport: Tube and Busses: Highbury & Islington
Contact: David Sherwood
To get a gig: Come to open mic
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The Virtually Acoustic Club was established in 1997 and has a reputation for being very supportive. We always use a function room away from the noise of the main bar. People listen. Sign up from 7pm and everyone gets two songs. There is no advance booking. This event, although acoustic, is a plugged in event with a pa. I'm afraid there is no piano and we do not allow the use of backing tracks.

Forthcoming Events

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Just the best open mic around...but don't tell anyone!
Steve C - May 10
Best open mic in London. Quiet, intimate, friendly, and very, very good sound. Perfect.
Rob Sproul-Cran - Nov 09
This continues to be the most pleasurable open mic experience ever. It does not matter whether you are a virtuoso or a total beginner (there are often a few of each), the audience will be kind to you. The room is big enough to hold 50 plus, but small enough to feel comfortably filled on the quieter nights. Soft lighting and candles help to give the room its intimate feel. If you read all the comments below, about this venue, you will see that the first one was posted by David Sherwood when he came as a performer. Now this has become part of the Virtually Acoustic Club, and David's 10 plus years of experience guarantees that it is well run and reliable hence the great sound, which is not too loud. If you come as a listener, remember that anyone can pitch up and play, so don't expect everyone to be brilliant. Bring a paper and, if you must, read or doze your way through any acts which fail to grab your attention. It is always worth staying right to the end when you will usually catch a spellbinding performance from Michael Dunnigan. In recent months the legendary Dave Russell has become a regular contributor. His act, once seen, is never forgotten. Other stunning acts come and go, there are so many wonderful surprises. Like the acts, so many open mics come and go. Lets hope this one goes on for ever!
Silver Sam - Jan 08
An excellent open mike. Always an interesting range of players and a very supportive atmosphere - though in some ways this is a bit more nerve wracking because people actually sit and listen to you. Dave Sherwood, who runs the night, is an excellent host and a quality songwriter himself.
Simon - Nov 07
Quite simply the best open mic currently running in London. I was a bit pensive because they didn't have monitors, but the speakers were just behind the singers, and it sounded great. The room is great, just the right size, and the audience were quiet and appretiative. You could hear a pin drop. just a great night...
Skopje - Jul 07
Played for the first time tonight, luckily it was a quiet night or I would have been in trouble, got there late due the tax man, appointment with accountant overran. Still life favours winners and winners are those who persevere against the odds. Great venue, run by great people, very friendly easy going and most of all performers are listened to and respected. I will be going back sometime in the near future.
Original Sonofman - Jan 07
Good space.Go see for yourself.
whiterhino - Jan 07
With credentials from Mr. Sherwood, my laudatio is hardly needed. Suffice to say, i think it's the best open mic around, with the most appreciative audience and a wonderfully inclusive and friendly atmosphere. It's also a nice place for a drink or three, and even though food is not served, there is a very good fish and chip place next door. If you miss the vive of the VAC and/or the Playpen, this is the place to go.
mart - Aug 06
A lovely new open mic with great sound in a cosy venue above a pub. And run by someone who cares about music.  Check this out.  I highly recommend it.
David Sherwood (The - Jun 06

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