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Virtually Acoustic

Virtually Acoustic

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  Spice of Life, The

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PAY MonitorsY Open MicY FloorspotsY Disabled AccessN
When: Open Mic on Mondays
Where: Spice of Life, The
  6 Moor St, Cambridge Circus, Soho, London, W1D 5NA
Transport: Leicester Square Tube
Contact: 020 7437 7013
To get a gig: Go to open mic on Monday or e-mail links
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went last night, fantastic open mic night. the talent on show wasgreat, very well run by sean and john. excellent pa good acoustics and utmost respect given to the artists.
carl chamberlain - Apr 09
Surprisingly slick for what I expected to be a humdrum affair, given its central location. Some proper eccentrics - always good to see - and well MCd. Get the impression you have to start queueing the day before to have any chance of playing before 11pm. At times has the feel of a production line, but busy is as busy does. Good sound as well. Recommended.
Andy - Sep 08
This venue is still a runner, although it is no longer being run by Up All Night. The open mic is still happening every Monday evening and new details of how to book gigs will appear within the next month on the Spice website at
auntie - Feb 08
Is this venue still a runner? I note no comments since 2005 and it's 2008 now?
Sir James The Bashfu - Feb 08
This is an excellent venue the atmosphere is great very friendly and an excellent place to play it does get really busy though so best to get there by 6pm as my good friend helene said oh and it is also very well organized thanks to Phil... good work, also try and check out The River Bar at Tower Bridge it is a lovely place and it has just been decorated and it looks very modern... The Spice is Number 1 though...
Michael Stockwell - Mar 05
this is an awesome place to play, one of my favourites.  as mentioned in the other posts, it does get very busy though so get there early to sign up.  cheers, phil!
citizen helene - Mar 05
Please be advised that due to the amount of paople wanting to play the Up All Night Music open mic at The Spice Of Life, we now have to put the sign up list out at 6.30PM each monday. Even though it goes out so early, the list is usually full after a few seconds!        
phil - Mar 05
IF YOU WANT TO PLAY, BE THERE AT 6:30 ON THE DOT!! Don't trust the internet! One of these statements is true!  I got there at 6:40 and the list was full. Still one of the best, most intense places to play. Thanks to Phil etc for keeping it going. Try again next time. Cheers
catfish - Jun 04
Good venue, clearly very popular and some great performances. My one criticism, that I signed up to play and had to wait 4 and a half hours only to be told that there wasn't enough time as the pub was about to close. Not encouraging for anyone like myself who's not played there before and especially as I got there as early as possible. These places shouldn't sign you up if there isn't going to be enough time for you to play.  
Rupert Jackson - May 04
Would love to play an acoustic set at The Spice in the near future. Whar are my chances ????  Derek
Derek Hagan aka ROCK - Jan 04
I heard that Cynic's former guitar player and singer PAUL MASVIDAL is coming to London...and playing a cool little pub in Soho (I had to look it up on the net, and found this site, hence this comment).  I had to pinch myself.  Paul's new band AEON SPOKE might be a little too Coldplay-ish for my heavier tastes, but the chance to even be in the same room with such a fantastic American talent has me chuffed to bits.  Not to mention that his new band are about to assault the planet in such a big way, I know I shall never have this chance again.  Check out his Cynic album "Focus" to see what the hell I'm talking about...though don't expect him to be heavy at all.  Now he's more on the mega commercial alternative rock emo tip.
Grainger - Nov 03
Yes sorry about that Mr Fish, the night you turned up was an open mic athon day. These are always harder to organise than normal Open MIc sessions, and always very busy. I was trying to get you on as you say in your revue, unfortunately I could not find the time. Me not remembering to let you know as soon as poss was my fault, but (as lots of people will tell you) does not happen often. I was running the whole day (for 12 hours) on my own, and out of the 60 odd people who had their name on the list, you were the only one to get missed out.    As ever the only way to have a good chance to get on any of our Open Mic Nights is to bve there before 6.30 when the list goes out. As it is full within a few seconds, I can't garentee to get any one on who turns up after 6.30, as you did on this occation.    I am sorry that you feel you "wasted three hours", frankly in the time you must have been there the acts that were playing were all stunning. VEAL the Canadian band you mentioned are the best band Up All NIght have ever booked. We thought that people who were at the event would like the idea of being able to see such world class talent for free at a "secret" gig. We like the idea of beginers and people who may not have played live often, being given the opportunity to see brilliant artists at the same gigs (or open mics) as themselves. I belive this will inspire young artists and give a sence of belonging that is so valuable to "the scene".    I am conscious that as word gets out and things develop, there is a tendancy for a drop in service. I am particularly close to my own nights and am keeping a very tight control on all Up All NIght staff to ensure that this does not happen with events that my company puts on. I want Up All Night to succeed in it's mission, which was only ever to bring more live music to London.    AS ever Dave I do hope to see you soon at either the Open Mic or the Blues Jam where I have made sure you get on in the past.    Sorry for any spelling mistakes.    Please feel free to answere my comments either here or via my own email address at
Phil - Jun 03
Moan moan moan  Went down the spice of life, du du du du duh  Phil says hi how ya doing du du dudu duh  Don't worry I'll get you on.  Then he let's some Canadian ROCK BAND (who weren't THAT BAD) play for about an hour... So I wasted about three hours waiting for a slot to play a NEW SONG.... and it never arrived. By which time I was drunk.. and slagged phil off in front of everybody, well he was winding me up maaan. Anyway. I'll be back. Got a new song by the way... called "Daddy drinks because you cry..."
cat fish - Jun 03

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