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Virtually Acoustic

Virtually Acoustic

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  Club Fabulous @ Tatty Bogle

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PAY MonitorsN Open MicN FloorspotsN Disabled AccessN
When: Wednesday Nights
Where: The Tatty Bogle Club
  11 Kingly Court, West End, London, W1B 5PW
Transport: Tube: Oxford Circus
Contact: Mark 020 8806 6429
To get a gig: Send tape/CD
Website  E-mail  Map

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pls update me with mood lighting and club mood lighting
aloysius dsouza - Mar 08
Home of the rudest, most sexist, arrogant, semi-racist bouncer in the world. If you do see him and his name is Camel or something like that, please kindly hit him as hard you can so he can't work anymore. Totally different on the inside. Lots of lovely indie kids and friendly staff. The Bouncer Ruins an otherwise magnificent club.
Disgruntled - Jan 06
This is what live music is all about. A dark & dingy cellar venue in the back streets of Soho. The atmosphere is reminiscent of the old coffee bars of the 60'd & 70's where singer/songwriters would bash out their music with little help from PA systems or attentive audiences. Tatty Bogle's however has an excellent, though not particularly sophisticated sound system, engineer who can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear and a rowdy, inebriated audience who are out for a good time. If you are precious or want the punters to listen attentively to your performance do not play here - it can be rowdy, but if you are dynamic and put on a show the crowd will love you. The drinks are a bit expensive (but I suppose it's open late and it is Soho)and there's a great Karaoke session after the gigs, which goes on 'til way past my bedtime.
Rik Mullender - Oct 02
i've got nothing bad to say about this venue. i've played there 3 times now and while it may not be the prettiest or most welcoming of venues, i love it. it makes me feel like a real musician to play at places that don't do you any favours, 'cause if you can be good there you can be good anywhere. actually one criticism; make the venue clearer for people walking by, its so hard to find. apart from this the venue suits me perfectly, but don't play there if you need your comforts (e.g. monitors) 'cause you won't get any special treatment.
steve wiggins - Feb 02
Tatty Bogle. Yes, it is tatty. Could also be called the Rude Obnoxious Bar Staff Bogle (at several points during my set they were louder than me, and I'm not quiet). I had to fight to get a glass of water before I went onstage. When I was asked if there was a performer's discount after the gig, I had my extra change thrown at me, and a free look of disgust from the barman - bargain!! The sound is apalling, I wasn't allowed to use a second channel for my second guitar - we were only using 3 in total, so I'm not sure why. I was underpaid for the amount of people I had in. The promoter doesn't even bother turning up to his own night. All in all, I'd rank it right up there with the Acoustic Cafe, another place I will never ever play again.
Joan Coffey - Nov 00
A cosy basement type venue with mood lighting (well, a lack of lighting which gives a certain mood) It's sort of L-shaped and will hold maybe 60 or 70 people. I've only been there once and although the sound was pretty ropey, there was a good atmosphere and a genuinely interested audience (unlike some west end venues.) Drinks are pricey, so if you're a performer exercise your right to bring your own bottle of water! If you get a gig there, then my advice is to make sure you get a soundcheck, as YOU will most probably be the sound man, then I reckon you'll have a great time. (Monday nights here are just one third of Club Fabulous, they have an electric night at the Red Eye and a female acoustic night every other Sunday at Moriarty's in Islington.)
Rich Barnard - Jan 00

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