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Virtually Acoustic

Virtually Acoustic

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PAY MonitorsY Open MicY FloorspotsY Disabled AccessN
When: Mondays
Where: Revolution Vodka Bar
  10-12 Princess Street, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV1 1HD
Transport: Close to Bus and Train Stations
Contact: Barrie V 07763415801
To get a gig: Talk to me!
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to gary carrol and anyone else who mite b reading this i am sorry that this nite is now defunct but there is a very good music nite goin on in wolvo at the wanderer pub next to the molineux football ground every THURSDAY NIGHT for more info on this and any other wolvo open mic contact me STU JONES on 07763185870 or see myspace/stuhjones or e-mail SMELL THE LOVE AND KEEP MUSIC LIVE
stu jones ( sax play - May 07
Just to say, if you're thinking of giving this night a try, don't bother!, as i dissapointingly found out tonight, it doesn't exist anymore, and the place was as dead as a dodo. If anyone knows of any decent lively open mic nights with a friendly atmosphere in the local area, plz let me know!!
Gary Carroll - Oct 06
Update June 23rd:    Barrie V on 12 & 6 strings and vocal chords having put the Stuman on sax, right on the spot as usual by playing a couple of never before heard songs in progress', plus a few 'better known' numbers, were later joined by Ian Derby, 'leader' of 'Reverie', one of our fave bands, who leapt up to lay some very groovy keyboards on a slinky version of Lou Reed's 'Walk on the Wild Side', Ian later delighting everyone with some Reverie numbers, Stew Mills once again graced us with a couple of lovely picked guitar pieces and a really talented pair (whose names escape me at present, sorry guys, sort that out later), played a tasty little set. (hope to see you next week!) Later there was the now quite regular spot by Anthony & Mark, always entertaining, who were joined by Joe G, again, gracing us with some well crafted songs and harmonies. Finishing the night in customaryJamplant Expansion style with the Revolution Rhythm section appearing from the mists once more (one of whom, by the way, is headlining at the Birmingham Jazz Festival on July 13th and has a rather splendid and star-studded album out just now - more later..) Nice to have Donovan show up again and play a couple of songs, a splendid self-penned number and a Smith's song he seems to have made his own, and was called for encore! (check him out next week before he jets off to play in Cananda!) We jammed out with a stomping 'Castles', and Joe G and Dave S closed with a twin acoustic guitar version of Purple Haze - with full percussive backing, bit of a treat that.  We will be returning you to abnormal service as soon as possible... It's always good, in a wider way...    Update June 16th    Some serious Jamplanted!    Fabulous night musically, though quieter on the crowd front, (only about 150 peeps in - which still wasn't bad for this time of year!) But... musically it was a blast... the Stuman's blazing saxophony, Joe Lee, fresh back from the Untied Snakes, Atlanta to be exact, adding that delicious fluid blues guitar alongside Dave Sandhu's fonky bass, and Ian Rogers deft and splendid drumming, all groovily intertwined around Barrie V's melodies... - lots of the usual impromptu jams ensued, plenty of blues, and Joe Gallagher joined BarrieV and the boys for an uproarious rendition of Steve Harley's 'Come up and see me', Anthony & Mark played a handful of their delightful songs, and Andy from the Ablewell foundation turned up too, playing in his unmistakeable style...    Update June 9th    Barrie V and the boys played another stormer to a packed house, - not bad for this time of year with everyone drifting off, Greg Ellis on fire on keys, - simply ablaze dahlings. - the Stuman's sax matching Greg note for note, with Ian Rogers and Dave Sandhu laying down some seriously groovy drums and bass, yes, they played to the crowd tonight, who quite literally were dancing in the aisles as it were... - you know it's a top night when everyone's dancing!    Update June 3rd:    A most resplendent and bodacious night!    After a quiet start, we were joined by Norman and James, who impressed everyone with a delicious set, superb vocal presence and rhythm guitar, from Norman with James supplying guitar fireworks.    I even took time out to dish up a few of me own ditties last night, 'This Town', 'Immaculate Deception', 'Castles in the Sky', Reborn, even CyBerkarma got an airing! - and, dare I say it, were quite well received..    The 'homeboys' - Greg Ellis, Ian Rogers, Dave Sandhu and the Stewman graced us with their talents too, adding groovy keyboards, drums, bass and saxophone to renditions of Summer of Love, and The Wave is Rising - a song I haven't played live for ages - (and as is my want, I just bounced it at them, no-one else had even heard it before) but of course 'the boys' took it all in their stride and it seemed to go off fine!    We were also lucky enough to have Simon Carrington show up and play some of his songs - a very promising talent.    So nice to see so many friends in again that we haven't seen in a while, big-hi to me Jewelie - Julie B who had flown in from Russia the day before - and then hit the Wodka bigstylee - have to admire the staying power of the girl.. (still up for that duet?) - and an equally blurred Ste Prior - 'bout time we had a set from Ste - next week? Nice to see Stu Mills again playing some tasty acoustic with the fabulous Louisa Hall who was kind enough to play a hatful of her songs - always enchanting...    so once again Jones...  the room was positively incandescent..      (and where were you Karla & Stu? -  let's make next week a biggie - everyone there!)    oh yeah, looks like we'll be joining Norman & James down at the Chindit on the Merridale road, Wolverplankton this coming Friday 6th June, what with all this, and Karla Milton & Stu Mills' Varsity nights, and the thursday band night at the Uni, courtesy of Stu M too, cripes, have we got a scene  going down.. or up as the case may b...    Good to see 'the family' coming back together!      The Revolution starts here!    It's all good, in a wider way...    the Jamplant Expansion keeps on expanding!!!  
Hamilton Bland - Dec 03

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